David King, who lived in Rimington and for many years was secretary to the Parish Council, will be known to many villagers as a keen walker. In 1999 David produced 5 village walks, in PDF format.
Early in 2020 Trevor and Lesley Marklew (of Sandilands Farm) did all of these walks with a view to checking them out for enjoyment by villagers during the Covid 19 lockdown period and after.
They discovered that over the years there had been numerous changes on the ground which required some considerable changes to the information contained in the PDFs.  
As a result they realised that it would be easier and simpler for everyone if, instead of numerous addenda, they produced revised versions of these walks; each one comprising a map, pictures of relevant stiles, gates etc. and walking instructions.
These updated versions, as at May 2020, along with David’s original documents are now on the website. They can be printed out, viewed on tablets, mobiles etc. We hope that some children, as well as adults, will be able to use them.
Trevor and Lesley hope you will enjoy these routes as much as they enjoyed working on them. Their thanks go to Andrea and Tony Perry for testing out the revised versions.
They are finding that changes are occurring quite frequently so if you want to draw anything to their attention they will be pleased to make alterations.
Happy walking!
Lesley and Trevor Marklew
Please respect the countryside & always follow the Natural England Countryside Code, and of course, at the moment, social distancing rules.

Lesley and Trevor's PDFs here

David King's walk 1 - T & L Version Sep 2020 (pdf)

David King's walk 2 - T & L Version Sep 2020 (pdf)

David King's walk 3 - T & L Version Sep 2020 (pdf)

David King's walk 4 - T & L Version Sep 2020 (pdf)

David King's walk 5 - T & L Version Sep 2020 (pdf)

David King's PDFs here

David King's original Walk 1 (pdf)

David King's original Walk 2 (pdf)

David King's original Walk 3 (pdf)

David King's original Walk 4 (pdf)

David King's original Walk 5 (pdf)

The Countryside Code (Natural England)

Respect. Protect. Enjoy
Respect other people
• Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
• Leave gates and property as you find them and follow paths unless wider access is available
Protect the natural environment
• Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home
• Keep dogs under effective control
Enjoy the outdoors
• Plan ahead and be prepared
• Follow advice & local signs
Full code at: