These are transcriptions from newspaper cuttings, diary entries and other personal documents. To see them click on the link

Extracts from two 19thC Rimington diaries (pdf)

Newspaper reports of fires at Black Bull Inn & Newby Mill (pdf)

Newby Mill in the news, icluding fire (pdf)

Stopper Lane, Abstracts of 19thC Deeds (pdf)

Stopper Lane, Abstracts of Deeds of 4 cottages east of the former shop (pdf)

Inn keepers in Bowland (pdf)

 The will of Thomas Lister of Arnoldsbiggin 1707 (pdf)

The will of Christofer Lister of Medehoppe 1548 (pdf)

The sales of two significant estates

Lord Ribblesdale and Lane Fox both had significant land and property holdings in Rimington and Middop.

In 1918 G.R.Lane Fox wote to his tenants to say that he was selling the whole of his estates at Rimington and Elslack to Mr Walter Pollard of Nelson.

Click on the following to read G. R. Lane Fox's letter to tenants 27 January 1918 (pdf)

Subsequently Mr Pollard became bankrupt and so the estate was sold on 18 March 1924 ( some lots having been sold privately before the sale).

1924 sale of estates 350

In September 1927 part of Lord Ribblesdale's estate was sold

Newspaper report of Lord Ribblesdale's estate sale (pdf)

1967 Floods

On Tuesday 8th August 1967, after heavy rain in the north of England, water damage was done at Dunsop Bridge, and three houses were destroyed at Wray.
There was also significant flooding in the village of Rimington when flood water destroyed a footbridge at Stankhill after significant damage was done to the culverted beck under the railway line.
Laurence Silverwood took the pictures below.


-Bridge at Newby washed into field  Bridge at Stankhill Beck destroyed  Damaged culvert from railway viaduct  

Culvert under railway line damaged 

The floods also reached Newby where they took down a wall on the north side of the road. Debris had blocked the entrance to the culvert so the water had nowhere to go but to rise and go through the first wall, which put so much pressure on the far wall it collapsed in two places, by which time three cars parked close by were just beginning to float and bob about, including Mr and Mrs Stott's. Thankfully none got swept away.
These photographs were taken by Betty Heap who lived at ‘Mosna’. The chap standing in the water is her husband Gordon. Mr Stott is standing in the background.The Morris car near to where Gordon is standing, belonged to Frank Harrison who lived at Newby Croft and was the gardener to Mr Taylor at Greystones, Stopper Lane.


 Newby Flood 1 Aug 1967  Newby Flood 2 Aug 1967 

Newby Flood 3 Aug 1967  Newby Flood 4 Aug 1967 

Ings Beck also flooded at Ings End

Flood at Ings End 350

Military Service Tribunals

Military Service Tribunals were bodies click here formed by borough, urban district and rural district councils to hear applications for exemption from conscription  into the British Army during the First World War.

To see information about a local tribunal click here

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Coronation 1953

To see how Rimington and Middop celebrated the Coronation click here