Christine’s Inspiration

I went to live at Lower Gills Farm, Rimington, on marrying Bert Thistlethwaite in 1957, and spent the next 40 years in that lovely spot; farmer’s wife, mother of four, happily joining in the many village activities and wonderful community of grand Rimington folks.

One much anticipated treat held in the Memorial Institute was the annual Children’s Fancy Dress Party, a week or so after Christmas. It was the year, 1974, that our proud Yorkshire Rimington was dragged kicking and screaming into Lancashire. My friend, Barbara Spencer had dressed her two small daughters as one red rose and one white rose – the white one carried a placard saying ‘FAREWELL’, whilst the red one read ‘HAIL’ - so simple, but effective! The phrase rang a bell in my head and became the key to open the door to all that followed – ‘A Yorkshire Lad’s Lament’ being my first effort!

I was born in the heart of the country and grew up amongst farming folk, many using the old dialect speech and phrases, and I must have absorbed this somehow into my sub-conscious for it to emerge years later in my dialect poetry!
Going about, speaking to so many and varied groups has been such a joy; meeting some lovely people and sharing with them my thoughts and experiences - some humorous and sad, others descriptive and downright daft!


Bernadette & Graham Dixon have been entertaining audiences since 1988.They play all your favourite sing-along folk songs with the emphasis on fun.
They have been the recordists for Christine’s poems and when they heard Bleggin’ Time they set it to music.

The Poems of Christine Thistlethwaite

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