Jolly Croft Camp 350

Joseph Baynes, the superintendent or agent of Rimington lead mine died in 1877 and it was the Cornish Mine Captain, John Borlase Snr, who, from then, ran the barytes, lead and zinc mine here until 1884. The Borlase family, totalling 5 people, supposedly lived above Pudsey’s ‘Bell-Pits’ in an old ‘railway carriage’ brought, reputedly, from Rimington Station and it was photographed by Edmundson Buck in the 1920s.          
How strange it is to find then, that 100 years later, Brian Jeffery, a local historian, whose roots are also in the Cornish tin mining industry, came to visit Rimington to investigate the exact whereabouts of the Roman Road and came across the name  John Borlase. The discovery of shared roots with a fellow Cornishman and tin miner inspired Brian’s interest in the Borlase family name, and you can read his fascinating account if you follow the link below. 

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