Thousands of people have visited Cosgroves over the years to find the perfect outfit for that special occasion. The business started in a small way in 1970 when Mr Cosgrove fitted out a room at Pendle Garage, Rimington, mostly with gents clothing, whilst he still continued to sell clothes from his mobile van, something he had already been doing for many years. When Pendle Garage closed, he expanded the business into the rest of the building and expanded further when he opened a shop at Whalley to concentrate mainly on men’s clothing. The Rimington site then focused on ladies’ wear. The current shop is on the site of Pendle Garage.

His business caught the attention of Tyne Tees television back in the early seventies. It sent a film crew to film him at work from which they produced a 30 minute documentary. Cosgroves  is the only shop remaining and still trading in Rimington in the 21st century. ‘Cos’ would be proud of that!